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Kolejka na Kasprowy Wierch

The Kasprowy Cable Car started operation in 1936. It was built at an express pace of just one year. The cable car takes only 12 minutes to reach the top. In 2006, after 12 years of efforts, PKL received permission to modernize the cable car and since 2007 it has been using new cabins. The cable car is popular both in winter, due to the best ski slopes in Poland, and in summer. From Kasprowego Wierch you can take a walk to Zakopane or ski down the “ski run”. It’s a great starting point for trekking in the Tatra Mountains. Our cabins are located just 2.5km from the lower station of the Kasprowy Wierch Cable Car in Zakopane.


Gubałówka is one of the major attractions in Zakopane. The place is incredibly popular among vacationers who enjoy a relaxing stay in Zakopane due to its easy accessibility – one can walk or take a cable car to Gubałówka. At the top, breathtaking views await us: a panorama of Zakopane and the surrounding Tatras Mountains. You can easily see Giewont and Kasprowy Wierch, and with good weather, the highest peaks of the High Tatras.


The Krupówki is definitely one of the most famous promenades in our country. The Krupówki is rightfully considered one of the biggest attractions of Zakopane. This beautiful street extends for over a kilometer through the very center of the city. Cars are completely prohibited from the promenade. The Krupówki are colorful, bustling with life, and always something is happening here. To see the stunning architecture of the surrounding streets, restaurants, and museums, it is best to come to Zakopane outside of the season. During the peak season, there is always an incredible crowd. The Krupówki also serve as a large market with souvenirs, products, and regional products. The promenade smells of smoked cheese, sheepskins, and traditional regional dishes served in most regional taverns. Other interesting attractions include a carriage ride or a breathtaking view of the nearby Giewont halfway through.

Dom do góry nogami

The upside-down house in Zakopane is a popular attraction. Built in 2010, it has an architecture that resembles an older design that fits the mountain atmosphere. It’s located just a few minutes away from the main promenade of Zakopane, Krupówki, and can be reached by walking up Nowotarska street or along Krupówki.

At first glance, the upside-down house appears to have been flipped over and is now lying on its roof. Visitors start from the first floor, which is actually the ground floor and is entered from the ceiling. Inside, the experience can be disorienting, but as you descend the stairs to the ground floor, you’ll adjust to the new ceiling-floor orientation. All furnishings are attached to the ceiling, making the experience safe for both children and adults.

However, caution is advised inside the building as it is slightly tilted, which combined with the inverted space orientation can cause dizziness in some visitors.